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Welcome to Germany Brilliant

  Our company already established 20 years and we are second generation from this company. From classic period change to become minimalist product, and to end minimalist collection. Start from this minimalist period we expand our company with modern market style.

Our company cooperate with designer to complete customer desire and to attempt creating the best minimalist product. Our minimalist products are Faucet, Basin, Accessories, Pull Handle, and Hand Spray. Joining with other country our company want to form best quality product.

Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Tips on Unblocking Sinks & Baths

Unblocking a sink or bath is not the most glamorous of DIY jobs, but everyone should know how to do it. If you can solve the problem yourself, you can save having to call out a plumber, and often paying out a lot of money for what can often be just a five minute job. Using just one or two DIY tools many unblocking jobs can be done quite easily.

Tips on Choosing Your Ideal Washbasin

- Choose the washbasin that best suited your need
- Match the size of the washbasin
- Choose a washbasin style
- Choose the material

Tips On Choosing Your Ideal Bathub

- Simple Tips for your Ideal Bathtub
- Choose the bathtub (sanitaryware) best suited to the size of your bathroom
- Recognize the effect of color to your room

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Welcome to Germany Brilliant
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